Fungal Nail Treatment Essence
Fungal Nail Treatment Essence
Fungal Nail Treatment Essence

Fungal Nail Treatment Essence

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According to several studies, more than 50% of the world's population suffers from fungus on nails and eczema on hands and feet. This percentage is much higher in colder climate a country, as closed shoos worn more frequently, which leads to bacteria spread. Fungus, hand and foot eczema issue is disturbing and embarrassing, not to mention highly contagious.

We are proud to introduce Fungal Nail Treatment Essence a revolutionary product which has been clinically tested and manufactured from natural ingredients only, without preservatives.

Fungal Nail Treatment Essence guarantees final solution to the nail fungus and hand and foot eczema problem. Treatment is for everyone, regardless of age or state of health, it can also be used as a preventive treatment.

How to treat nail fungus and eczema on hand and foot?

Nail fungus, hand and foot eczema are never go away by themselves, on the contrary they spread and effect not only the outside appearance, but also our immune system. Therefore it is critical to diagnose and treat it effectively in a timely manner. Fungus which is not treated in time, can cause additional complications and spread on other nails and skin tissue.

Fungal Nail Treatment Essence is 100% natural formula, which contains a unique combination of plant extracts and essential oils, concocted and carefully tested over time for different types of fungus. Experiments led us to amazing results in treating and preventing the spread of fungus and eczema.

Nails and nail hygiene are important to you???

Fungal Nail Treatment Essence is the shortest and safest way for your nails to look clear, white and healthy.

Instructions: Dribble a few drops on clean nails and infected skin area. Repeat action as needed as a preventive measure. For treatment of already infected nails and skin tissue, the action should be repeated every morning and evening for as long as the bottle last, even if significant improvement in the condition can be seen after a few days. In addition, nails infected with fungus should be filed and polished once a week.