10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask

10PCS Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask

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Gold Collagen Lip Mask
Treats Dry & Dull Lips, Lip Lines
Anti Ageing
Anti Wrinkle
Reduces Wrinkle Lines
Gives Smoother Firmer Skin
Improves Hydration Protecting Against Premature Ageing
Removes Dead Skin Cells
Clarifies Attenuates Surface Stains & Balances Skin Tone
Components Easily Absorbed By Penetrating Deep Into The Skin
Provides Collagen For A Fuller Lip Look
100% Natural & Safe For Home Use

Safety Information:
1. For External Use Only 2. Avoid Direct Eye Contact 3. If Any Discomfort, Discontinue Use 4. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Over hydration may cause small acne (water filled bumps). While they are not harmful, if you experience this stop use for a few days. Exfoliation will allow the skin to breathe better and prevent clogged pores. In the rare event of a reaction immediately stop using the mask and consult a doctor.
24k Gold Mineral, Plant Collagen, Moisurising Factors, Anti-Bacterial Factors, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Essence, Distilled Spring Water

Use chilled or heated according to preference. To cool refrigerate the pack to desired temperature. To heat place pack in warm water (50 oc) for 2- 3 minutes. 1. Wash your face and eyes with warm water 2. Open the package and take out the mask and apply onto the lip area. 3. Gently press the mask to make a snug fit and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes 4. Remove the mask and clean with water Recommended to be used by all skin type & best time to use this mask is before sleep or during rest.

Product Description
Main Property Of Gold Mask- Anti Wrinkles The collagen lip mask is a perfect and very natural solution to more youthful looking skin. This famous treatment is becoming famous between Hollywood stars and expensive health spas. Appropriate Range- Dry lips, lip lines, water Main Role: 1. Smooth, dry repair, cell regeneration. Removal of dead skin cells from the lips, making lips soft and smooth. 2. Powerful moisterizing effect to conserve lips. 3. Collagen to fill the lip lines and create a fuller and more beautiful effect. 4. Effective against ultraviolet rays, to keep lips moist and avoid accelerated aging lips, which result in dull and fine lines phenonomen. The mask contains an exclusive formula for extracting the same rejuvenating properties that gold has to offer and infused them along with organic nutrients and anti-oxidants, into a collagen based all natural anti-ageing, rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle gold mask. It helps to promote rapid collagen and elastin synthesis and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The Gold Collagen Lip Mask immediately forms a protective layer, which instantly reacts to the skin's natural chemistry and helps to replace the collagen that decreases with age. This innovative facial mask contains 100% high molecular plant collagen with 24k gold. The collagen mask has a molecular weight exclusion of at least 3000 Daltons & provides 95% high performance moisturiser. It tightens the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins. This will rehydrate, rejuvenate and regenrate the lip area. Advantages: - Collagen formula is compatible & recognisable with our bodies. It is activated by the body's temperature, and micro molecules infused with natural nutriments penetrate the dermis to achieve great results. - Collagen synthesis is activated due to better cellular metabolism. - According to studies collagen lip masks effectively smooth out wrinkles and lines since they boost the skins natural collagen content.